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RWF Consulting LLC is an Irvine, California, USA and previously a P.R. China based firm that focused on international advanced processes and support for industry and academia.


The current focus is supporting the healthcare industry for business intelligence using state-of-the-art Cloud Services and Microsoft products and services based upon Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite.  The Cortana Analytics Suite is a fully managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics Suite that enables the healthcare industry to transform its data into intelligent decisions and actions on behalf of it patients.

A comment from Ralph W. Farrington:

Having experimented with Analog Computing before it disappeared and before being trained on digital computing I am intrigued with Analog and or Analog Hybrid computing being applied to the cancer problem.


Machine Learning applied via Analog and Analog Hybrid computing may be the breakthrough needed to implement timely and cost effective cancer analytics.  Cancer does not wait for health care professional to diagnose a treatment using current digital processing methods that the author states “ some of the more difficult problems of this size require an immense amount of power or solution times that can stretch into days or even weeks.”  He further states “The analog processing on a computer of the type my colleagues and I have developed typically takes about a millisecond. The solution of differential equations that involve only one derivative typically requires less than 0.1 microjoules of energy on our computer.”   See the IEEE Spectrum February 2018 article below:

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The Blue Ribbon Panel report (17 October 2016) of the Cancer MoonshotSM's ambitious goal

The Blue Ribbon Panel report describes 10 transformative research recommendations for achieving the Cancer MoonshotSM's ambitious goal of making a decade's worth of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in just 5 years.

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Recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel:

Full Blue Ribbon Panel 2016 Report:

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IEEE Computer Society digest Computing Edge, March 2017 issue entitled Big Data and Analytics

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